Web Analytics Wednesday

Web Analytics Wednesday – SF Bay Area

In Person Social Networking

Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW) events are self organizing ‘social networking events for web analytics professionals.’ The SF Bay Area WAW events have historically been excellent. June Deshewitz, one of the WAW co-founders, and subsequently David Rogers consistenly put together great sponsors and venues for a discerning crowd of local professionals.

There are numerous benefits for Sponsors, Attendees and Venues.


The WAW site has even more background.

SF Bay Area WAW 2011

Starting in 2011, I am taking the lead in organizing the events.


  • Need to communicate the value of your service/product to online measurement and influence professionals?
  • Building your brand inside the online industry?
  • Contact me to start a conversation about how we can help you do this.


  • Want to learn how to track social media campaigns?
  • Trying to break into the industry, and need to network?
  • We are always looking for volunteers, contact me for more information


  • Have a new venue?
  • Need to get publicity with educated professionals?
  • Contact me.

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