Web Analytics Association

Web Analytics Association

Web Analytics AssociationOne of the most effective tools to fight against practitioner isolation is being an active member of your professional organization. The Web Analytics Association‘s goals, from the WAA site, are:

  • Help standardize the terms, definitions, and best practices used by our entire industry.
  • Influence legislation that affects you and the web analytics industry as a whole.
  • Develop and implement training and certification programs thereby strengthening the professionalism of our entire trade.
  • Unite web analytic professionals, consultants, and end-users to discuss, combine forces and powerfully promote our common interests worldwide.

WAA Committees are a great way to work on different projects, which members select, with experienced practictioners around the world.


Committee Projects I Have/ Am Working On:

  • Membership Committee:

    • Working With Michele Hinojosa To Help Define What Career Development Resources Members Need and or Want To Succeed In A Dynamic Analytics Environment
  • Research Committee:

  • Advocacy Committee:

    • This Committee Has Just Recently Formed

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