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TwitterLinguistics : An Open Research Project

Data Scientists are Will-Doers Not Can-Doers My presentation at PyCon on “The Linguistics of Twitter” produced exactly the response I was looking for, smart motivated people made contact with me and asked how they could help. Quick Recap The slides … Continue reading

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Advanced Charts and Graphs

New and Returning The sample data set might have some interesting things going on with new and returning visitors, here are a couple of 3D graphs that might help. The size of each sphere is a product of Pageviews and … Continue reading

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Charting For Fun

Interesting Charts Making Lemonade If you are working on the FREE eMetrics pass, and you really should if you need a free pass, I created some charts based on the sample data. These data are limited in terms of the … Continue reading

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Linguistics of Twitter at PyCon

The Linguistics of Twitter Going to PyCon? I have been selected to speak at PyCon in Atlanta March 11-13 on the topic of the Linguistics of Twitter. Spoken Media Social media is a ‘spoken media’ which companies are trying to … Continue reading

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Thats The Way Twitter Go

What Ron Washington, Yogi Berra and ‘Fargo’ Can Teach Us About Social Media ‘That’s the way baseball go.’ ‘It ain’t over ’til it’s over.’ Ron Washington, the Texas Rangers Manager, and Yogi Berra, respectively, play with words to inform while … Continue reading

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