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Sentiment Analyis at eMetrics

Initial Sentiment of Sentiment Panel Gary Angel, Chris Berry and myself participated in a pretty darn cool conversation on the topic of sentiment analysis during eMetrics in NYC October 19,2011. A component was my chart of the sentiment of tweets … Continue reading

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#Measure Career Development – Beyond Analytics Ninjas

“Dude, where’s my Job?” Avinash Kaushik posted on his, far more widely read, blog post a ‘Web Analytics Career Guide: From Zero to Hero In Five Steps!‘ which is well worth a read. What about the slightly experienced web analyst? … Continue reading

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#Measuring in 2010 – Analyzing the Twitter Data of #Measure Twitterati

#Measure in 2010 Who influences the influencers? Click through the image for a high res picture . . . it is pretty big so it may take a second or two. #Measure Twitterati In preparation for publicizing the Web Analytics … Continue reading

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HOWTO Apply uegosdeben1ogrande to Web Analytics

Google Fixed Bing’s Work Product Who is checking your work? Google and Bing are in the midst of an intense discussion regarding Google alleging that Bing has been copying Google search results via the Internet Explorer 8 tool bar. What … Continue reading

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Advanced Charts and Graphs

New and Returning The sample data set might have some interesting things going on with new and returning visitors, here are a couple of 3D graphs that might help. The size of each sphere is a product of Pageviews and … Continue reading

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