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@johnlovett : If You Only Knew the Power of the Dark Side

  Following the rules, per John Lovett’s tweet, sounds like solid advice . . . for those issues where pretty much anyone would agree rules are solid. However, for just about everything there are few areas of clear delineation and … Continue reading

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The Future of #Measure is Bright: #ACCELERATE Nov 18

Create Solutions From Challenges Digital Measurement Professional Outlook At eMetrics NY I was on a panel with Chris Berry of Syncapse moderated by Gary Angel wherein Chris made the distinction between Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining or Topic Classification During … Continue reading

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Remove the Execu-Speak Loop From Analytics

Competing in a Competitive World All Skills To Port James is a good friend of mine who worked his way through school, earning a degree in Chemistry and went looking for his next step. At the time James was heavily … Continue reading

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#Measure in 2010: Tracking Links Shared With Bitly and Others

API Enabling Open Data Discovery The Application Programming Interface (API) provided by many URL shortening services could provide insights into what the #measure community is passing around and, more importantly, what they find interesting. To prepare for this I had … Continue reading

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Explaining #Measure in 2010 – Limitations and Improvements of Twitter Content Valuation

We’re Only as Accurate as Our Least Accurate Measurement Wax On, Wax Off The Twitterati chart posted previously turned into something I didn’t quite expect, so I would like to take a moment to explain the whole situation to the … Continue reading

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