Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for being interested in what I have, or may have, to say.

This is the privacy policy for, as a visitor to the site take a minute to read this over.

By using the site you are accepting the privacy policy.

Effective Date:

This privacy policy is effective September 28, 2010.

Server Data:

The technology used by just about every website which transmits documents over the internet logs each request for a web page.

Data such as the time of the request, the page requested, transmittal size and so forth are kept on a server log.

Read more at the Apache HTTP Server documentation site.


Currently I am using Google Analytics as a web analytics tool to understand what people are interested in on the site, how effectively it is laid out, and what I could be doing better. This is accomplished with cookies that are limited in scope and duration.

Due to my technology curiosity I may try out other tools from time to time that would be similarly limited in scope.

Sharing of Information:

Information provided on this site is not provided to other companies for marketing purposes.

Should law enforcement or another governmental organization provide a legal basis for accessing the data, we would be required to share it with them.

Collection of Information:

The only personally identifiable information that this site collects is when it is voluntarily submitted by the visitors.

Should you email me, I will probably have your email address.

If you decide to sign up for a mailing list, reminder calendar or other material you will have the opportunity to opt out.

Data Security:

Data shared with this site will only be accessible by confidentially engaged individuals.

Probably only me.

Privacy Contact Information:

Have a question, comment or opinion? Drop me an email.

Future Changes:

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. Any changes to this policy will be posted.

Further Reading:

I am a member of the Web Analytics Association, the WAA page tries to stay up to date on the current ecosystem of online privacy.

Google Analytics lays out in very clear detail the scope and duration of the cookies set.

  • Reference documentation starts here

Since the Electronic Frontier Foundation was founded in 1900 (yes, 1990), they have worked to protect privacy for individuals.

  • Read more on their site here

Stephen Colbert distills the issue when he interviews Cindy Cohn from the EFF.

A portion of the interview is bleeped, however it still may be not safe for work.

  • Watch the video here



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