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Spring Gala Awards

On March the 15th, the Web Analytics Association is holding the inaugural Spring Awards Gala. It is going to be following an excellent Web Analytics Wednesday sponsored by SAS and a who’s who of the #measure world looks to be in attendance.Web Analytics Association

One of the highlights of the evening will be the presentation of the awards for excellence. I encourage you to read the descriptions of the categories, and nominate someone who you feel is worthy in one or all of the five categories:

  • Web Analytics Rising Star (individual)
  • Most Influential Industry Contributor (individual)
  • Most Influential Agency/Vendor (group)
  • Client/Practitioner of the Year (individual or group)
  • Innovator/Technology of the Year (individual or group) (Replaces WAALTER Award)

Influential Individual

Specifically, the Most Influential Industry Contributor (individual) is defined as:

There are many ways to define an influential contributor.
For the most part you know it when you see it.
In the web analytics industry this person has changed the way you think about common practices and what you’ll do next.
They likely helped make your job easier and improved your results.
Cited in no less than five industry-referenced articles.
Presenter at three or more industry events or conferences.
Provided guidance to individual industry members and the WAA.

To me, this category is already wrapped up.

One person:

  • Is one of the most, if not the most, active contributors to Twitter on the #Omniture hashtag
  • Is one of the most helpful, not quite the most active, contributors to Twitter on the #Measure hashtag
  • Seemingly lends a hand to anyone willing to put for the effort
  • Volunteers their time again and again to help with the Analysis Exchange
  • Started a dialog about the Web Analytics Association which is still being referenced
  • Contributes heavily to the web analytics knowledge base on their website

On top of all that, this same person somehow finagled what was supposed to be a $36.00 individual donation request into providing fresh, clean drinking water for:

Worthy Nominees

Yes, getting into five ‘industry-referenced articles,’ whatever those might be, and presenting at conferences are important things for individual accomplishments in terms of advancing a career. There are surely worthy nominees who have done worthy things that would normally merit an award.

Not this year.

Countless people helped via #omniture or #measure on Twitter and repeated volunteering for the Analysis Exchange should be enough.

There is simply no comprehensible effort which would exceed the benefit of providing 253 people with clean water, people who will likely never hire or even meet Jason Thompson.

That is why I am voting for Jason Thompson for the Most Influential Industry Contributor (individual), and encourage you to do the same here:

Nominations are due Thursday, February the 10th.


Show your support by grabbing the stylish “VOTE FOR JASON” pin image and post it on your blog, Twitter, Facebook et cetera!

WAA Spring Awards Gala and WAW

Don’t forget to register for the Spring Awards Gala here:

Sign up for Web Analytics Wednesday PRIOR to the Spring Awards Gala here:

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