eMetrics San Francisco Free Pass Submittal Due TODAY!

Free eMetrics Pass Entries Due TODAY

Don’t Miss Out

Entries for the free eMetrics San Francisco pass are due today, no later than 12 midnight PST. I will be closing out the conference in the IRC #measure channel as well as on Twitter.

On Twitter look for me @MichaelDHealy; the IRC channel is probably better later this evening as there will likely be less noise.

Winning Entry

The winner will be notified at some point on Monday, after conriming with the winning party that they can still attend eMetrics I will notify the other entrants of the outcome.

If you are the winner, and cannot be certain that you can make it to eMetrics that is 100% acceptable. Just let me know and I will notify the next best entry that they have won without divulging the details.

Submittal Instructions

  • Send an email to emetrics@michaeldhealy.com
    • With the subject “Submittal”
    • On or before Friday February 11, 2011 12:00 Midnight PST
    • Winner notified Monday February 14 at some point BY EMAIL
  • Required In The Email:
    • Your Name
    • Your Email
    • Your Phone Number
    • Your Physical Address
  • Optional:
    • Your Personal Website
    • Your Twitter Account
    • Your LinkedIn Profile

Good Luck

Best of luck to everyone who has worked so hard to enter the contest, I wish I had 100 passes to eMetrics to hand out. Being that I only have one to award certainly some very qualified people will be disappointed.

If there are questions in between now and 12 midnight, please ask them on Twitter @MichaelDHealy so that everyone can have the benefit of the answer.

Should your question be of a sensitive nature, you can send an email to emetrics@michaeldhealy.com.

Good luck to all!

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