Linguistics of Twitter at PyCon

The Linguistics of Twitter

Going to PyCon?

I have been selected to speak at PyCon in Atlanta March 11-13 on the topic of the Linguistics of Twitter.

PyCon 2011, Atlanta, March 9-17

Spoken Media

Social media is a ‘spoken media’ which companies are trying to measure. Using natural language processing to determine sentiment, amongst other things, sifting through the data deluge is essential. The challenge of shifting regional dialects of American English being used on Twitter adds another layer of complexity which is currently an area of growth in natural language processing.

Every tool is only as accurate as the least accurate measurement, if your tool is missing dialectical English what are you missing?

Session Information

Topics Include:

  • American English Dialects
    • Background
    • Impact
    • Future
  • Challenges/ Opportunities
  • Current Methods and Tools
  • Future Methods and Tools

The complete session overview is available here.


If you can’t make it to PyCon, although you really should, email me in whatever American English dialect you are most comfortable. We can hella connect about natural language processing, American English dialects or even what’s cool to do in Atlanta.

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