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HOWTO Excel Pivot Chart

HOWTO: Web Analytics Pivot Chart in Excel eMetrics Get Ready I bet a small child could: Push a few buttons Create a chart with bars, lines, pies or whatever Export that and declare themselves ready to attend eMetrics From “The … Continue reading

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Free eMetrics Pass- Is It For You?

Open Contest Interlude Awareness of Sunyata Everyone can learn something from eMetrics San Francisco, from n00bs to veterans and everyone in between could benefit from attending the conference. If you could benefit from attending, and could potentially get a pass … Continue reading

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Graphing Get Ready

Graphing Get Ready To help people get ready to enter for the Free eMetrics Pass, you did know about the contest right? One chart/graph whatever illustrating a cool web analytics challenge/opportunity 500 words or LESS describing that chart 500 words … Continue reading

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Updating Free eMetrics Ticket

Updating Free eMetrics Ticket Correcting the Rules The rules should have said “up to 500 words,” not requiring 500 words. So: A chart illustrating something Up to 500 words about your Chart Up to 500 words why you would want … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Help Non-Profits Maximize Analysis Exchange

Optimizing Participation by Non-Profits Turn 24 Pages Into Increased Donations Connecting organizations with people willing to donate their time and effort to help the organizations better understand their web analytics, the Analysis Exchange is a resource every non-profit should be … Continue reading

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