Unica Sponsoring Web Analytics Wednesday 12/22

Unica at SFBAWAW 12/22

Unica On The Move

The San Francisco Bay Area Web Analytics Wednesday group is very pleased to announce that Unica is sponsoring our December event again this year. We are going to the same location as the Unica event last year, the Press Club, and certainly hope you can join us.

Statistical significance, business intelligence, external data integration, what will be possible with Unica/Coremetrics/SPSS after their integration into existing IBM tools is complete?

The dynamics of what could be done have made many people in the web analytics profession are curious about this very issue, don’t miss your chance to meet the Unica people in person and pick their brains!


The space is somewhat limited, so if you plan to attend make sure you register on the Web Analytics Demystified site here.



If you would like to learn more about how SFBAWAW can help you as a vendor, volunteer or venue email me or read more here.

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