Web Analytics Wednesday Sponsored by Google Analytics

Gordon Biersch Crowded With Google Analyticators

Great event recently, and another coming in San Francisco with the Monitoring Social media and Tealeaf.

Google Analytics WAW Event Pictures are posted on:

Following the recent developers conference, the Google Analytics pros in town packed the house for Web Analytics Wednesday in Palo Alto.

It seemed like every other person wrote a book, gave a recent keynote, or invented Urchin. Even for Palo Alto, it was a talented collection of individuals.

With so many people in town from out of town, it would be great if you would tag yourself or the people you know!

Big “Thank you” to Google for sponsoring, Web Analytics Wednesday is community driven so we depend on your support.

If you are in the #measure space and are interested in opportunities for sponsoring, email me and we can get a conversation started.

Thanks again Google!

WAW October 21 in SF

Coming up on October 21st at 6pm, Tealeaf is sponsoring an event in San Francisco. If you haven’t signed up make sure you RSVP.

Attendees of the Monitoring Social Media Event are coming as well, so if you are into social media you definitely should make an appearance.

At least to get the Foursquare check-in. ;^)

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