Economical Analysis

Web Analytics is fun. No really, it is FUN!

Working with really smart people, great clients on complex challenges that sometimes bend your mind is a fantastic way to earn a dollar, or more than that depending on the client.

One challenge I have faced in getting up to speed in web analytics is the disparate sources of information all across the internet, internets, interwebs and the rest of the Universe. It seems like every single day there is a new source of information.

Daniel Weisberg has a great repository of information at Online Behavior, which I would encourage you to check out as well.

My background is Economics and Linguistics so I come to web analytics with a different toolkit than some of my peers.

Sometimes the methodologies or tools I am used to are not widely used, so I hope to contribute to the community a different perspective.

Lots more pseudo-random thoughts about what will appear in future posts are available here.

Thoughts? Drop me an email.

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